Spoon River Real Estate is now

Real Estate Power Agents of New York

We understand you are interested in visiting the IBNA Spoon River Real Estate website for your real estate needs. We appreciate your dedicated support and want to ensure you that we are still here awaiting your call.

Fred and Patsy Duncan have created immense success for everyone working with Spoon River Real Estate. From clients to contractors, they have truly appreciated all of the hard work and dedication that goes into the real estate process.

As they prepare for their retirement, they are fulfilling one more massive real estate goal - the succession of their knowledge and expertise to the next generation. To make this happen, they have rebranded Spoon River into Real Estate Power Agents of New York.

They are still active in every real estate deal that comes our way, and they plan to do so for years to come. But the Duncans' top priority has become passing down their legacy and training a new set of vibrant real estate entrepreneurs in building their own lifelong careers. While you may not see Fred or Patsy attend every meeting, their knowledge and legacy are still present with the next generation of real estate salespersons at Power Agents.

Fred and Patsy encourage you to move forward with your real estate goals with Power Agents of New York, just as if it was with Spoon River Real Estate. They are confident the combination of their expertise and the vibrancy of new leadership will allow you to achieve your real estate goals.

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